Posting the lastest Port Ludlow Voice issue


A. Upload the PDF

B. Upload the cover jpg

C. Type or paste the code

D. Post it

E. Add "Custom CSS" if it hasn't already been done.

A. Upload the PDF

1. Use the naming convention for the PDF: PLVoice_YYYY-MM.pdf.
Be sure to use leading zeros for January through September.

2. Use Filezilla or cPanel to upload the PDF to

B. Upload the cover jpg

1. Use your favorite photo software to create the cover jpg.
Width of 250 to 300 pixels is ideal.

2. Use Filezilla or cPanel to upload the jpg to

C. Code for the circled content above. changing the dates to match the issue date.

1. Change the dates to match the issue.

2. Add some text. The "Spotlight" article makes good content, so does the cover description.

	<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">
		<img src="" class="plvcover">

	<h3 style="clear:none;">Spotlight</h3>

		Dine and Discover, an old-fashioned potluck dinner followed by a presentation such as Willman’s, has
		been a Port Ludlow tradition since 1992. Read Milton Lums article in the 
	<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">
		October 2020 Voice

D. Post it

1. Navigate to // Posts / Add New

2. Open a "Custom HTML" block

3. Paste or type your code.

4. "Update" or "Publish" to save your work.

E. Code some "Additional CSS"

1. If it hasn't already been done, navigate to // Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS

2. Paste or type the following CSS code.
Notice that "img.plvcover" here corresponds to class="plvcover" above.

3. Then "Publish" to save your work.