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title:Greek Mythology Comes to Life
caldate:2022-07-12 15:30

Greek Mythology Comes to Life

by Milt Lum, Staff Writer

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Madeline Miller’s 2018 novel, Circe, is the Martha’s Book Group selection for July. Circe, a minor goddess in the Greek pantheon, is best known as the enchantress of the mythical island of Aeaea and for her ability to transform men into animals. Miller, a clas- sical scholar, educator, and novelist, reimagines Circe as she is banished to the island of Aeaea and encounters the superheroes of Greek mythology.

Martha’s Book Group will meet on Tuesday, July 12, at 3:30 pm at the Bay Club to review this new perspective on Circe’s narrative, created in the fertile imagination of Madeline Miller. Circei> is a Jefferson County Library Book Kit club selection. To request a copy of Circe or to get more information about the book group, contact Sarah Schuch at bookclub|||plvoice|||org|||Book Club Info

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