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title:Preparing for Difficult Conversations
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Preparing for Difficult Conversations

by Compass & Clock

Have you ever had an awkward conversation where you felt uncomfortable and you weren’t quite sure how to express your thoughts? Maybe you were intimidated and therefore you didn’t say what you truly wanted to say.

Difficult conversations can take place in many contexts, including the workplace, personal relationships, or job interviews. But having the tools to navigate those situations can be key to a successful outcome.

A virtual presentation called “The Six Types of Working Genius” will address the art of conversation on Thursday, April 21, at 11:30 a.m. Sponsored by Compass & Clock, the free session is intended to help individuals, families, and teams achieve better engagement and avoid burnout.

Kristal Thomas, owner and CEO of the Bremerton Express Employment Professionals office since 2014, will lead the discussion. She said that she enjoys helping people streamline their lives, save money, and reduce stress. With a background in sales and leadership, Thomas has guided businesses across North America to thrive and grow in the areas of communication, inventory control, hiring, training, systems, and processes.

The monthly Compass Points seminars are presented live, to give attendees a chance to interact directly with the experts. For more information and registration visit compassandclock.com/registration.

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