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title:Fire Department Outlines Spring Tasks

Fire Department Outlines Spring Tasks

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Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving time begins on March 13 — a sign that spring is almost here.

Fire Alarms

Along with moving our clocks forward one hour, now is the time to check the batteries in all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Depending on applicable Covid restrictions, Port Ludlow Fire & Rescue may be able to assist with changing detectors that are mounted on high ceilings. Please contact the fire station at to check on availability.

Emergency Foods

Another task to consider when changing your clocks is to check the ‘best-if-used-by’ dates on your emergency foods and if neces- sary, replenish your supplies. While the ‘use by’ dates on prod- ucts are there for your safety, some items can be eaten after the date stamped on the package or can. You can find many shelf-life lists on the internet or you can just type in the brand name and type of food you need information about.

This is a particularly good time to get better prepared, especially considering what we have all been through these past couple of years. When you are at the store, watch for sales or two-for-one items you can purchase and add to your home emergency pantry.

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