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Meet Here

Hikers meet at the Bridge Deck at 8:15 AM, unless otherwise noted. They get directions to the trailheads and depart at 8:30 AM.

Stay Healthy

The hikers abide by the “Stay Healthyrecommendations and follow CDC guidelines for outdoor recreation.

Email Roster

Those on the hiking email roster receive an update the week of a scheduled outing. If you would like to be added to the email roster, send a note to a2112c|||plvoice|||org|||Hiking Email List or go to the club’s website, portludlowhikingclub.com/contact to send a message.

Friday, January 7 – Battle Point and Grand Forest Parks

Battle Point and Grand Forest Parks are on Bainbridge Island.  The hike will start at Battle Point Park near the parking lot to the right of the entrance.  We will follow the Cross Island Trail inside the park to the Forest-to-Sky Trail that goes to the Grand Forest West Park.  Trails will be followed in both Grand Forest West and Grand Forest East.  The Hilltop Trail connects the West and East trail systems.  Total distance of this easy walk will be about seven miles.  Dogs on a leash are welcome.  Restrooms are in Battle Point Park but not in Grand Forest Park. No parking passes are needed.  Total walking time will be about 2.5 hours.  Travel time from Port Ludlow to Battle Point Park is about 45 minutes.  Anyone wanting to stay at Battle Point Park can walk the 1.6 mile paved Walking Trail loop and observe the birds and water fowl in the ponds and the kids and dogs playing in the park.  Interested hikers can have lunch at the Treehouse Café in nearby Lynwood Center after the walk.  Printable maps can be found at https://biparks.org/printable-maps/.  Hike Leader:  Gary Hicks, a2201|||plvoice|||org|||Hike Info .

Friday, January 21 – Barnes Creek and Marymere Falls

In the past, this has basically been one hike that ends up being five to six miles in length and primarily 200 feet of climbing to the overlook platform at Marymere Falls. We start at the trailhead at the ranger station, where there are bathrooms, and hike 0.7 miles to the side trail and climb to Marymere Falls. We come back to the main trail and continue on up Barnes Creek, crossing Barnes Creek and following the trail up to a point where it gets very steep with no meaningful reward. At this point we return on the trail back to where there is a side trail that takes us through park-like woods and along the lower portion of Barnes Creek over to Lake Crescent Lodge. From the Lodge (which most likely won't be open) we follow along more park-like trails back over to the ranger station. I'm going to say the hike will be between five and six miles and will be level except for the short but steep climb to the overlook platform. Trees are large evergreens, and the area is at the edge of the Olympic Rain Forest and the west end of Lake Crescent. Bring a lunch for enjoying the lake view at the lodge.

Every Wednesday: Timberton Loop

Walk the 4.2-mile Timberton Loop. Enjoy views of the Olympic Mountains. This is a no-leader hike. Meet other walkers at the parking lot trailhead on Timberton Drive at 9:00 a.m. Monday/Wednesday/Friday - 8:00 AM. Join the "Trail Club Group” that meets at the golf club parking lot for a self-led walk on the abandoned golf cart path trail or other alternative route.

More Info

For more hiking information, maps of the Port Ludlow Trails and descriptions, pictures of previous hikes and other destinations, go to portludlowhikingclub.com.

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